Video Meetings & Conferencing

Video Meetings & Conferencing

The rapid development of technology and the Internet have revolutionized the way businesses communicate. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must enhance collaboration between geographically dispersed departments and branches while ensuring seamless communication among partners, investors, and consumers. Video conferencing brings multiple benefits far beyond face-to-face communications. General requirements for a video conferencing system include:


● High-quality audio and video
● Support for high-definition content sharing
● Smooth low-bandwidth conferencing
● Easy deployment and usage, especially for branches

Yealink Video Conferencing Systems and Benefits:

Yealink VC series of full HD video conferencing systems features excellent performance and rich features. The series includes the VC120-12X for middle- and large-sized meeting rooms and the VC110 huddle room system. The benefits of the Yealink VC series are:

Multi-point Collaboration

Yealink VC series supports up to “8+1+1” multi-point collaboration, allowing for 8-party video (with license), plus one audio call and 1080P content sharing of video, documents and more.

Remarkable Video and Audio Experience

The series is the result of Yealink’s investment in advanced HD video technologies that deliver realistic face-to-face communications for remote participants. It also features HD voice technology and excellent voice pickup, which offer crystal-clear audio performance and coverage of every corner of the meeting space.

Smooth Conferencing with No Need for a Dedicated Network

The VC series ensures stable and smooth video streaming even under fluctuating network conditions with its support for H.264 High Profile and adaptive bandwidth adjustment.

Easy Installation, Deployment and Usage

Yealink VC series boasts five minutes from unboxing to uptime. Yealink’s Intelligent Firewall Traversal technology makes deployment a breeze. Branch offices can even join a meeting without a public IP address, simply plug-and-play. In addition, the VC series delivers intuitive operation that even small businesses with no specialized IT staff will find the Yealink VC series easy to use.

Broad Compatibility and Flexible Management

Yealink’s standards-based (H323/SIP) offerings provide broad compatibility and seamless interoperability with the industry’s leading cloud-based video conferencing platforms and on-premise solutions. Furthermore, the Yealink VC series is compatible and integrated with mainstream control systems platforms, helping customers to embrace easy collaboration as well as effortless system control and management.

Enjoy Advanced Functions at No Extra Cost

Yealink charges no additional licensing fees for dual-screen support, recording, software upgrade or content sharing.

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