Keys To Successful Remote Care Management Implementations

Telehealth technology can be a valuable tool by helping move the delivery of care from higher acuity settings to the home. Become more proactive in your own health and facilitate effective management of chronic conditions.


There are many reasons why the use of home and cloud-based healthcare technology is rising. Data shows that it promotes healing, lowers health risks, and reduces operational costs. It’s also preferred by 90 percent of people 65 years and older, according to AARP.1


VMed® helps you develop ongoing population health management solutions to manage remote and transitional care while also improving your operational efficiencies and reducing risk. We work with you to pinpoint the ideal technological, data-based solution that is then tailored to meet your patients where they are for optimal engagement. Then, we help you put it in place, setting up data monitoring and analysis for future improvements in your remote patient management program. Imagine a virtuous loop of information that enables your clinicians to care for more patients more effectively and alter care plans as needed based on daily alerts and actionable insights coming from the home.


We know you don’t need another device vendor: You need a trusted partner who can help you navigate emerging technology to create customized, ongoing improvements for your business and your patients and help you properly analyze ever-changing patient data. From the initial consultation to deployment and integration, we’re your complete remote and cloud-based healthcare delivery partner — now and in the years to come.

A Platform That Supports Everyone

No matter what your target market is, our platform will help you retain members from any healthcare location.

Engage Patients With A Remote Care Management Program

In the past, adoption of remote care management (RCM) solutions was slowed by a perception of cost and complexity. vMed solutions remove those limitations to deliver an intuitive and innovative remote care management platform that reduces the cost of traditional RCM models by as much as 50 percent.1


Remove the complexity of remote care — not just for providers and caregivers, but also for patients, giving them greater freedom and flexibility to participate in their own care. vMed by Voiceware® enables the collection and transmittal of daily biometric data, collection of health assessment information, and monitors changes in existing health patterns. Patients, caregivers and family members also have access to clinician-directed health sessions, videoconferencing, and interactive education to help keep all parties engaged.

Older Populations Have Adopted Technology For Health

People over 65 will use vMed to take better care of themselves. Learn about older adults’ attitudes toward technology and the importance of designing technology that understands older adults’ unique needs, preferences, capabilities, and limitations

Our Team

There is so much more to successful remote care delivery than just technology. We provide all the support you need to get your program deployed as quickly and reliably as possible.


vMed® represents a diverse group of individuals passionate about changing the way healthcare is delivered. We are dedicated to creating better outcomes for patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.


While we manage all of the moving pieces that work behind the scenes of a remote care delivery program, your clinical teams are able to stay focused on providing your patients with the care they need.

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