You can trust Voiceware to help you communicate through everything the insurance business throws at you. In normal weather conditions, Voiceware gives you first-rate communications—outstanding phone, fax, mobile apps, and web conferencing—as well as a Virtual Contact Center for high-volume customer contact.


Communicate effortlessly, with ready-made integration with eAgent and other software you already use.


However, under emergencies, you can count on Voiceware’s backup data centers on both coasts for outstanding business reliability and continuity. Voiceware’s outstanding mobile features—including a mobile app for smartphones and tablets—give you the flexibility you need to establish mobile claims centers or temporary offices when you need to. Voiceware also offers HIPAA-compliant service, backed by written Business Associate agreements, for insurance businesses that handle protected health information, that’s because Voiceware takes reliability as seriously as you do. Your business depends on it, don’t trust your voice communications to just any vendor.


  • Calls go anywhere you choose, with our GoVoIP mobile app, voicemail-to-email and forwarding anywhere. You can even send calls from your office phone to your smartphone—mid-call—and your callers won’t know the difference!
  • Voiceware lets you connect anywhere—on your phone, desktop, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Agents can make calls, schedule meetings, check voicemails, send faxes, chat with colleagues, and more, on any device. Use Find Me/Follow-me forwarding to get calls and messages wherever it’s most convenient.
  • Voiceware’s backed-up infrastructure runs on both coasts, to help your business keep going even in natural disasters. And with your Voiceware service and GoVoIP mobile app, you can even communicate from the road if you need to set up temporary claims centers or work from disaster sites.
  • See where your agents are and reach them easily with extension dialing. Identify your customers instantly when they call, with pop-up customer records. Works with e-Agent, Salesforce, Outlook, NetSuite, and other software, and with click-to-dial, you might never dial another customer again.
  • The scale at the speed of growth. With your Voiceware online portal, system changes are immediate and done at your convenience without requiring technical specialists or additional hardware. You can activate phones, add or remove users, lines, and locations from your own laptop or mobile device with just a few taps.

We’re Bringing Back Simple Clearness in Voice and Video Communications For Professionals