No matter the size of your healthcare organization, Voiceware has a solution for you. In an industry that is always changing, so should your phone system


Despite significant advances in communications worldwide, much of the healthcare industry is still using outdated, inefficient, and costly technologies. Improving both the quality of care and overall patient satisfaction has been an ongoing priority for both healthcare administrators and patients, alike. That’s why the Voiceware solution is so valuable. It provides our healthcare providers with the tools they need to improve all facets of care. Combined, these benefits can have a profound effect on how care is delivered, and communications are maintained across multiple locations, caregivers, and patients.


Voiceware provides contact center software that helps healthcare organizations meet these demands while simultaneously reducing operational costs. The cloud-based application offers cutting-edge security combined with advanced contact center features that empower agents to deliver meaningful patient experiences. For small, single location or multi-location medical offices, our reliable, fully-featured phone service will unify and provide complete collaboration between all locations using extension to extension, Chat, Videoconferencing, and using UcaaS (Unified communications as a Service) so you can stay connected to patients at all times.


With the rapid advancement of technology, healthcare organizations today face rising expectations from both patients and regulators. In addition to providing thoughtful and effective service, organizations must also ensure the security of all patient data by satisfying HIPAA and a variety of other regulations. Not all phone service providers protect your data as they claim, in fact, most outsource key features to outside vendors making your organization vulnerable. Voiceware hosts 100% of it’s VoIP and video services with our state-of-the-art secured platform.


Call Recordings


Access to all call recordings in with required user authentication by default. Additionally, you can also customize the data retention length for call recordings according to your specific needs. These safeguards not only protect the security of call data and any associated patient information but also support your organization with compliance regulations.


  • We specialize in patient retention management call center solutions that integrate with your existing or planned CRM solution
  • We deliver on the promise of Call Center and Contact Center agent stats that measure your medical facilities’ true productivity
  • For larger medical facilities and hospitals — secure, dedicated networks that scale to meet the growing need for bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Transmission of sensitive, mission-critical data over a secure private network.
  • Control costs and future-proof communications services company-wide.
  • Provide Telemedicine features ahead of your competition with video conferencing patient-to-doctor on-demand

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