About Us

Here’s What Makes Voiceware unique and reliable:

Accessible: We operate across the United States in more than 3 major metropolitan markets, and our pricing caters to small, medium and large enterprise-sized businesses needing five to over 2,000 extensions, in a single or multi-location footprint.

Flexible solutions designed just for your business: Voiceware offers a completely customized solution based on your business needs, not ours. We customize each phone service to the client’s needs and critical business requirements. Whether you need five extensions or have a greater need such as 500 or more staff members in a call center solution, we have you covered.

Understanding your business: We proactively investigate, review and nurture our client relationships by seeking to understand what type of business we aim to service, and how to best service such business types. We don’t offer a one-fits-many template to business phone services, in fact, we are much more than just that business process model. We also monitor customer networks to ensure that any internet-related service disruptions don’t affect your daily operation, at times identifying key areas whereby problems exist today or might transcend into our voice services later. Professional services beyond what you might expect are part of the reason why we’re successful and grow our company organically.

Reliable; backed by strong, fully owned and operated technology infrastructure: Our fully managed, a redundant IP system has 99.99% availability and built-in disaster recovery with geo-redundant servers across the domestic U.S. – our support is also local with U.S. based support only; unlike other competitive national or international carriers, our service teams support clients in multiple languages, all from within the U.S. only.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We pride ourselves in superior service and going above and beyond for our customers. As a result, existing clients account for more than 90% of our new customers. We go that extra mile for each of our customers regardless of the size and scope of business. We guarantee our service satisfaction, to the degree that we offer no penalty contractual agreement cancellations based on specific issues if our services are not rendered as expected as per our SLA agreements. Your peace of mind and continued operation is our #1 goal.

Network Visibility: We proactively monitor customer networks to ensure that any internet related service disruptions do not affect your VoIP services. We engage with customers in being that trusted partner that remotely watches over your critical business operation to anticipate and advert any business disruptions.